10 Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Landscape Photography

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While the intelligence of your camera is pretty phenomenal, it still won’t creatively think for itself. When it comes to Landscape photography, there are significant ways you can improve your shots by understanding these tips. We explore compositional and technical secrets that will let you capture those intimidating vast landscapes with your camera.

1. Understand Natural Light

Being aware of qualities of natural light such as direction, intensity, and color allows you to better plan and utilize natural light in your landscape photography.

Intensity of Light

Around the noon hour, the sun is high in the sky and light can be tough and cast horrible shadows. The noon hour is for scouting out locations, not so much for shooting. Unless you’re going to use the high sun to intentionally play with shadows, you should probably avoid this hour. The best times for photographing landscapes are just after sunrise and before sunset. You will find the light is much more pleasing and easier to work with. This is called the Golden Hour. Partially cloudy days are also great because they cast soft and diffused light. A simple exercise to learn about intensity is to photograph the same landscape scene during the golden hours and high noon. You will notice a significant change in color and quality.

A photo of a mountain illuminated by golden sunrays at sunrise with a lake in the foreground

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