13 Tips for Photographing Stunning Sunrises

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Here are 13 sunrise photography tips to help you take stunning sunrise photos.

1: Scout your location before your shoot

You’ll be arriving in the dark, so it’s a great idea to know the location and plan your shot before you get there.

Whether it’s the day before, or longer, spend some time getting to know the location. Take some “test shots” on your phone to see what compositions work so you can easily refer to them on the day of the shoot.

The sun will be an important element during your shoot, so it’s also a good idea to know where exactly it will rise.

2: Arrive in plenty of time

If you’re getting up early enough to shoot a sunrise, then you might as well go all out and get up extra early to give yourself enough time to prepare when you turn up. Not only will you be more relaxed because you won’t have to rush around to find that great composition you planned last time, but if you’re lucky with the conditions then the glow from first light (half an hour before sunrise) can produce the most intense colours in the sky.

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