13 Tips for Photographing Stunning Sunrises

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5: Remember to choose a great composition

When the sky is afire with beautiful sunrise colours, it’s easy to forget that an amazing sunrise alone doesn’t make a great photo.

It still has to be a great photo! This means not only choosing a great composition, but making sure every other technical element (focus, exposure etc) is on point too.

6: Always look behind you

I like to give this tip often, no matter what time of day or landscape subject I’m talking about. But it’s especially important when photographing sunrises.

After you’ve got a few shots in the bag, take a moment to look behind you. It’s surprising what the sun can do to the sky on the opposite horizon to where it’s rising from.

7: Remember to be in the moment

This isn’t a technical tip, but it’s probably just as important as any of the others in this list.

It’s so easy to get lost in your camera, firing off shot after shot, move to another composition, fire off shot after shot, etc.

The result is that you end up experiencing the whole morning through your viewfinder and when you get home, you never really remember what it was like to SEE it.

So after you’ve taken a shot or two, step back from your camera and take a deep breath. Look around. Soak up the scene and really feel it.

Not only will it help you be present in the moment and actually enjoy the experience, but it will also help you re-create the scene in your post processing workflow. Because you’ll actually remember what it looked and felt like when you took the shot, giving you a great reference to process from.

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