18 Quick Tips for Improving your Portrait Photography

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Struggling with portrait photography? See our 18 tips and tricks!

Sometimes portrait photography can get a bit boring…and worse, sometimes we just can’t figure out why! We’re here to help you, friends and fellow photographers! Whether you want to improve things like your composition or add a dimension of storytelling, there are definite ways to get your photos looking better and adding interest. Read below for our 18 quick tips and tricks for improving your portrait photography in a flash.

1. Choose a Lens

This is all up to you, of course! However, there are some really great go-to lenses for portrait photography!

Portrait Photography Lens

Fixed (Prime Lense)s:

  • 35mm – Great for wider shots where you’d like to incorporate more of the background.
  • 50mm – Used for a slightly closer shot where you’d like more of your client in the frame.
  • 85mm – A great lens for those close-up shots with awesome bokeh in the background!
  • 135mm – Perfect for those REALLY intimate shots and GREAT compression.

Zoom Lens:

  • 24-70mm – This zoom lens is really perfect for capturing more of the scenery while allowing you to zoom in and grab those closer shots!
  • 70-200mm – This is a favorite if you like a lot of versatility in ONE lens. This great choice allows you to get down to 70mm for a wider shot, and all the way to 200mm for those intimate moments.
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