18 Quick Tips for Improving your Portrait Photography

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4. Composition

Something I recently noticed after FOUR years of portrait photography (I’m a tad slow), is that I was putting my subject the same distance from my lens in EVERY photo, whether I was shooting with a 35mm, or 135mm.  Seems simple enough to change, right? W.R.O.N.G.  You can so easily get into a rut of taking the SAME photos, and that’s not what we want.  A QUICK TIP: Take a look at your Instagram or Facebook page and view your photos next to one another? Are they all similar? Try and really study your work and see how you can improve your composition. This is also where you can look at other photographer’s work (if you PROMISE not to compare yourself).  What do you love about their work? Does it have a lot of negative space? Do they creatively use the rule of thirds?  The fastest way to improve is to be AWARE. Study. Question. And notice ALL the details.

5. Change Focus

Sometimes we focus too much on focus. (If you’re wondering, I am this witty in person.) Sometimes we WANT some things to be more “out of focus” to add dimension or tell a story. And some times we just do it on accident and it looks really cool! The great thing with portrait photography is that everyone has their own distinct style.

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