20 Photography Hacks That Will Get You Amazing Results

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2. Make Custom Bokeh Shapes

For our next photography hack, you’ll need a DSLR camera, a lens with a large aperture (small F-stop number) and a bit of knowledge about bokeh photography. Let’s make a list of things needed for this hack.

  1. A piece of black paper
  2. Pencil
  3. A pair of scissors
  4. Duct tape
  5. Craft knife to make different shapes.
  6. Also, put on some Christmas light as if it was that time of the year.

Make a round tube that fits nicely to your lens, and connect it to the lens. On the other end of the tube, attach your cut paper as shown in the 2nd photo below. Then use a low aperture setting (for bokeh) and shoot in manual focus mode towards your light source through the cutout holes/shapes. You’ll need to adjust the focus ring to get the desired bokeh effect/shapes.

Photography hack to make your own custom bokeh shapes

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