4 Signs You’re Ready to Pursue Professional Photography Full Time

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If you’re like most would-be professional photographers, you first started pursuing your passion as a part-time hobbyist. Then things got a little more serious. You started showing your work at galleries, selling prints of your best shots, and even freelancing when it comes to what you do.

Now the day you’ve been fantasizing about for so long is finally here – the day you actually ask yourself: “Is this it? Am I finally ready to quit my day job and really do this?” Here are a few signs that you might finally be ready to take the plunge.


1. You’ve fully considered and assessed the risks.

Naturally, the biggest deterrent to anyone thinking about quitting a day job in order to pursue a career in any of the arts is going to be the possible consequence of failure. A good sign that you’re ready to make a move is that you’ve really weighed those consequences, preferably more than once.

The more responsibilities you have in your life – such as children to support or debts to pay off – the more there is at stake. However, more responsibilities also mean more incentive to actually work hard and succeed. A photographer that’s ready to take the leap is both willing and able to accept all of this.

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