5 Wedding Photography Tricks to Mastering Night Portraits

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Have you ever struggled taking great night portraits?

As a wedding photographer, diversifying your portfolio is key to attracting ideal clients. One way to do this is to know how to properly use light during your wedding photography shoots. When you are comfortable with light, you can deliver stunning images every time, regardless of the shooting situation. Often times, though, the wedding day shoot provides obstacles with light that you must overcome. This is especially true when it comes to shooting at night and having to create light for your images. I reached out to wedding photo editing company, ShootDotEdit, to provide you with a few tips to help you shoot portraits at night.

Creating wedding photography at night can provide you with plenty of challenges, especially outdoors. The sky is dark, and it may be difficult to focus on objects with your camera. To assist you in shooting through any problems that arise during the shoot, we’ve put together 5 wedding photography tips to help you master night portraits.

Try Several Angles

What looks good during the day isn’t always what looks good at night. And, in contrast, what doesn’t look good during the day often looks the best at night. Don’t be afraid to mix your angles up, and be open to trying a pose or angle that you might not use during the day. Angles that include the surrounding landscape help to bring in the ambient light and emphasize the night time scene. Wide angles can help minimize camera shake, preventing you from having to throw away a great exposure that was soft from a long exposure. Try piggybacking off other light sources, such as placing your couples by buildings or trees that can also be illuminated at night to add additional dimension to your images.

5 Wedding Photography Tricks to Mastering Night Portraits

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