8 Portrait Photography Tips Every Photographer Should Know

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2. Prepare Your Portrait Subject For The Shoot

Even the best, most expensive camera equipment will produce poor results if your subject isn’t ready, comfortable, relaxed and feeling their best.

Being photographed is quite an unnatural and therefore stressful experience for the subject, so your job as a photographer is to make the experience simple, fun and stress-free.

Portrait photography put subject at ease

Break the ice by making small talk. Even if you know the person well they may still be feeling apprehensive.

Explain the kind of shot you want – or ask them what kind of shot they’d like. Be open to suggestions from your subject.

If possible ask your subject to wear neutral colors – preferably dark colors – because this helps your subject’s face stand out better.

Check your subject over for anything that might be distracting such as fluff on clothes, uneven buttons and zips, collars, lapels, clothes riding up, shirt half tucked in, etc.

Portrait photography put subject at ease

One of the best preparations you can make is to be prepared yourself. Have your camera and any additional equipment set up, and take a few test shots before expecting your subject’s full attention.

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