9 tips for getting awesome fall colors in your photos

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SUMMER MAY BE OVER, but fall is a great time to capture stunning photos. With the shorter days and less sun, the chlorophyl in the leaves — which give them their green hue — breaks down and we’re gifted with numerous colors: reds, yellows, oranges, and browns. For a photographer though there’s more than just pointing and shooting. These tips will help take your autumn photo sessions to new heights.

1. Visit a mountain town.

Before the mountains turn white and while you can still walk on hard earth, fall turns mountain towns into colorful basins for vibrant photographs. The city of Telluride, Colorado offers a free gondola overlooking this stunning display from 7AM to midnight.

2. Go to a Japanese garden.

Most major cities have a Japanese Garden waiting to reveal its best colors until fall. Try getting underneath a Japanese Maple with a wide angle lens to uncover lightning-like branches striking out under a blanket of red. It’s not uncommon to find a line of photographers from all over the world waiting to photograph this famous maple at the Portland Japanese Gardens.

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