Six Photography Tips Anyone Can Use To Become A Better Photographer

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2.  Practice, Practice, Practice….

How often do you use your camera? Is it something you bring out for holidays and special occasions and hope that the results will be fabulous?

When I’m not taking photos I am a musician; performing, teaching and conducting for a living. One of the things you quickly learn when you take up a musical instrument is the need to practice. Preferably every day, in order to develop your musical and technical skills.

When I started to get into photography seriously, I applied this same logic. Soon after I started my Photoblog I decided to shoot and post at least one photograph every day for a year in order to improve my skills. Almost eight years on I’m still shooting daily. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my photos.

Photography Tip 2: Experiment with composition

So what happens when you use your camera every day? Well, the language of photography becomes more familiar. The relationship between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO is second nature to me now.

In addition to that, you develop a strong muscle memory for where the controls are on your camera.  This makes it much easier to respond in fast moving situations and find the right settings quickly. Just as importantly, it frees up your brain to think about what will make the most satisfying images–the really creative part.

photography tips to improve your skills

Why not challenge yourself to shoot more regularly? If a 365 photo project seems overwhelming, perhaps aim to share your best photo here on Photoblog every week to start with.

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