Antarctica Photography – 8 Easy Tips and Tricks

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Antarctica Cruise season is in full swing and if you are one of the lucky few to check the 7th continent off of your bucket list, you are going to want to create lasting memories of this trip of a lifetime. These Antarctica photography tips can help you capture those images. We’ve been fortunate to witness the majesty of Antarctica and have had the honour of having our photographs featured in the Quark Expeditions brochure and in many other magazines and features including the Lonely Planet and the Toronto Star.

antarctica photography tips

There are several photography tips for travel and landscape captures, but Antarctica photography is an entirely different beast. There are many elements to deal with from cold and damp weather, extreme climate changes, unstable shooting environments and having to be ready to capture a spectacular scene at a moments notice. Antarctica photography can be intimidating, but if you follow a few of my tips, you’ll be sure to come home with frame worthy pictures that will be a conversation piece for the rest of your life.

Antarctica Photography – 8 Easy Tips and Tricks

Antarctica Photography Tips

Giant ZipLock Freezer Bags

This may seem like an odd tip to be number one, but this inexpensive item will keep your camera gear safe from breaking down part way through your Antarctica Cruise. Condensation ruins cameras. After a few hours outside your camera gets really cold, I used really large ziplock bags to put all my gear in before I went back inside the ship. This allowed the cameras to warm up at their own speed without forming condensation. Make sure to put the camera in the bag and zip it up before going inside and dispell all of the air out of them. Your camera will thank you.

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