Are You Making These 7 Mistakes in Landscape Photography?

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Ever feel you are not quite nailing it with your landscape photos? Something amiss but you cannot quite work out what it is? The fact is whilst landscapes are easy to shoot, they can be a very difficult genre to master.

There can be multiple reasons why your landscapes are not quite working. Some can be very subtle, some quite obvious. Often it can be a combination of factors, each on their own quite subtle but adding up to make the photo look wrong. Today we are going to look at 7 mistakes you might be making in your landscape photos. 

The Wonky Horizon

Perhaps the most obvious mistake can also be one of the most subtle. It’s easy to see a very wonky horizon when shooting but when the horizon is just off by a degree or two, it’s not so obvious. Until you get the image on your computer screen. Then the problem will jump out at you.

So what can you do? Most cameras have both an electronic spirit level and a grid. Switch on one or both of these and align your horizon with them. 

As a landscape photographer its a good bet you are using a tripod. Most tripods include spirit levels in horizontal and vertical planes. Make sure these line up well.

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